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Recording from vinyl with Inspire and Cubase

  1. Connect the Inspire to the computer and the phono pre-amp
  2. Start the Inspire software and make sure channels 3-4 are unmuted and the volume is OK
  3. Start Cubase, do File => New Project, and Project => Add Track => Audio
  4. Go to Devices => Device Setup
  5. In the VST Audio System, choose the Inspire and hit OK
  6. Go to Devices => VST Connections
  7. In the Input tab, choose channels 3 and 4 for input
  8. In the Output tab, choose channels 1 and 2 for output (connect your headphones to the Inspire, not the computer)

You will need to keep the Inspire connected at all times, even if you’re exporting a pre-recorded track to AIFF!
With this you should be able to start recording.