Lost Among Notes

fonts in use

In 2021 and 2022 I went a bit off the deep end regarding typography. You can find a tag in this site dedicated to typography. Feeling better now…

I thought I’d add a reference to the fonts I use in this site, since it took me a while to select them.

For the main text: Anselm Sans. Code is set in Carot Mono. Both are made by František Štorm.

Monospaced fonts are hard to get right, and I just love Carot Mono. Clear, non fatiguing. And somehow, it feels like it could be someone’s handwriting.

Most monospaced fonts are derived from sans fonts optimized for screen, and there is a fashion in screen-optimized sans fonts to have a large x-height, which means the height of lower-case characters is similar to that of upper-case characters.

Large x-height is terrible for code. In a lot of programming languages, long identifiers are written in camel-case: myLongCamelCaseIdentifier. With a large x-height these identifiers become harder to parse.

Not so many monospaced fonts have smaller x-height. There’s Carot Mono, Quadraat Sans Mono, Atlas Typewriter.